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Grant Griffiths, Founder & CEO

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Director of Digital Marketing

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you're getting monthly analysis, swing technique, chipping, pitching, bunker and putting. You'll also get your own private CoachNow space for video swing analysis and a month game improvement plan. Simply click below to join.


Club Fitting

Top Brands

We work with the best golf equipment manufacturers who provide a comprehensive range of clubs for all types of players. The right golf club customization can make a huge difference in your game. By playing fitted clubs, you’ll play your best golf.





“Grant teaches people how to play the game better through learning how to use the club around their physical limitations. Above all, Grant will customize your coaching and make it fun!!!”

John Dunigan - Golf Digest 50 Best Teachers in America


Grant Griffiths’ knowledge and understanding of junior golf instruction and collegiate training has been a great blessing to the United States. The golf industry needs visionaries like Mr. Griffiths to grow the game of golf and provide expert knowledge to shape the futures of our talented youth.

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus, Psy.D, PGA | Top 30 Instructors Golf Tips Magazine

PGA Tour Coach, Colin Morikawa

Mr. Griffiths accomplishments came to our attention and we are honored to have him partner with us. We would not lightly risk the incredible commercial value of the partnership, which accompanies our brand name through an association with a professional who is not recognized in the field of golf to represent our brand.

Ty Grove, VP of Sales / Jack Nicklaus Equipment

I want to say that Grant has been an outstanding coach who has impacted the careers of many golfers. He represents himself and the game of golf with class and poise. I highly recommend Grant as a coach based on my recognition of his outstanding achievements in golf coaching and extraordinary abilities as an instructor.

Scott Allen, PGA / Head Coach - George Washington University

Meet The Team

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Grant Griffiths

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Founder & CEO of Grant Griffiths Golf. Master Golf Teaching Professional and Director of Player Development at Philadelphia Country club, PA.

Rick Sessinghaus

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Rick is our mental game and focus coach, a PGA Professional with experience and success. He coaches Colin Morikawa on the PGA Tour.

Raffaella Lo Castro

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Raffaella is our director of marketing and PR, and also manages our online academy to give you personalized and professional support 24/7.