lessonS & PACKS

 golf coaching programs designed with a clear and simple pathway to lower scores and lasting results. 


With our premier online coaching programs for only $49/month, you'll receive customized online video lessons, free app download, advice, tips, drills and more! Get 12 months and receive a free phone stand and clip to help you record your swings.


You'll get customized coaching and access to our CoachNow group that includes video and notes on approach shots, short game, course management, drills, flexibility, knowing your distances, mental game, full swing, power and more. This is designed to make coaching easy and affordable, as well as convenient. Simply record your swing at the range or on the course, post to your space and I'll analyze your swing with drills and tips.

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club fitting & instruction

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We work with the best golf equipment manufacturers who provide a comprehensive range of clubs for all types of players. The right golf club customization can make a huge difference in your game. By playing fitted clubs, you’ll swing and play with more confidence, knowing you have the right equipment designed for your game.